A Design for Gender Equality


Download Manifesto here

This document is my way of marking the 44 years of the Sun’s Page 3 feature, with a manifesto seeking to address the issue of gender equality across the UK by 2030.

Basically, trying to turn something negative into a positive and lay down a challenge to all political parties ahead of the 2015 General Election.

The images within the document are a mixture of people making positive change and putting a magnifying glass up to the images of objectification.

Really an attempt through graphic design to outline the “tourist gaze” on women that is sexualised images without using objectifying images. They are meant to be slightly disconcerting, but sadly in reality nowhere the everyday images which form the sexualised wallpaper of our lives and the wider impact of violence upon women and children.

I’m not claiming this is a definitive list of actions, it’s really a ordinary father’s attempt to outline the general need to change and the desire to see change in 2030, when my son will be 21 and my daughters 18.

I would hope by this time, we have risen up the rankings for Gender Equality across the world and that the UK will be a better place for my children as adults to, live, grow and prosper.

gender equality

Hope springs eternal…….and hopefully we don’t have to wait until 2030 to see real change.


11 thoughts on “A Design for Gender Equality

  1. Thank you so much for writing this. Such a brilliant, powerful and positive set of actions. You have no idea how reassuring it is that there are men out there helping to achieve equality.

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  2. Really interesting and heartening.
    I have a question with action 35, though. I’m confused as to why the term ‘maternity leave’ should be abolished and be replaced with paternity? How about ‘parental leave’?


  3. Great, am busy trying to get sexual violence reclassified as sexist violence as my 6 year old daughter had to move school last year due to gendered bullying for four months from 6 boys in her class including a sexual assault – the headmaster designated it as rough play. For too long, we have allowed males to get away with attitudes and promotion of gender supremacy – and it leads to violence against women and children that when reported to other men (ie Rotherham, Jimmy Saville, Oxford and other hate crimes such as domestic violence and rape) it goes unpunished and the victim is blamed. Sexist violence against women and children is the only crime where it is the location of the crime that is noted, rather than the attitude of supremacy of the perp which is the defining notation in racist and homophobic violence. This has to change in order for people to begin joining up the dots between sexism and the violence it requires to keep it in place.


  4. Terrific! This needs sending to all UK school Heads! A lot of this education needs to start in school. Great to see a man take the lead, we need more and more like you!
    Will forward it to my son’s school.

    Only comment for slight improvement…..could the typeface be a little bigger? It makes it awkward to read and that could be counterproductive. A small point for a terrific document but why spoil the ship and all that 🙂

    As a mum, I’ve been appalled at sexism in universities and laddish behaviour. I can report that in the late 1970s WE DID NOT have to put up with the nonsense my daughter is experiencing in the very same university 38yrs later! It makes me want to weep. How have we ended up going backwards?

    The only other points that could be added, or specifically mentioned within one of the 44 categories is the shocking effects of binge drinking on violence to women. So education on the link would seem to be crucial. Awareness that excessive alcohol is the date rape drug and cause of most sexual and domestic violence cannot be underestimated. The second is specific parental guidance in education of boys (and girls) at home to be focussed on. Attitude change needs to be rooted in early.


  5. There is a graph of some kind before the last sentence. I would love to see what it entails but I cannot magnify it for some reason. Can anyone help?


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